Simple Wireless Fan Coil Controller

Published 2015 03 29

Control wirelessly your Fan Coils with Arduino Uno compatible controller from Open Automation center

This is a Arduino UNO compatible device with 5 relay control channels and Real time clock. It use Ciseco XRF wireless RF radio UART serial data module to communicate with Open Automation Center This is main controlling element in Open Automation system.

It can be easily used to control devices like Heaters, Coolers, Fan Coils, Fans, humming or any other environment control device in your house.

How it works

This device just simply gets wireless sensor data and use it for control functions - such as enable heating, cooling, light control relays. It also gets one line string command from Open Automation Center to set-up new control parameters. IT also has self healing feature, it restarts itself and reset XRF module if no sensor data available in few minutes.

Controller command example


It means:

a - reserved command delimiter symbol
F0 - controlled Room Id
R=4 - Fan speed set
T=25.18 - Temperature set
S=1 - Enabled/Disabled
M=C - Cooling/Heating mode
O=01-23 - Offline hours set
W=1 - weekend mode enabled

Fastest way to test this functionality upload code provided below to Arduino UNO and analyse firmware code.

Some requirements


License This device firmware and hardware licensed under WTFPL license terms

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